Tailgate Food Ideas, Fun Activites, & More!

The schedules are out, the team is practicing, and football season is ready to start. You’ve got your season passes ready, your lucky jersey is out of storage, and you can’t wait to cheer on your team – all you need now are these awesome tailgate ideas!

Whether you’re gearing up to watch your favorite college or professional football team, part of the fun is tailgating in the parking lot before the game even starts or hosting a tailgate party during away games! After all, you get to party with some of the best folks on earth – your fellow fans!

Make the most of your tailgating party with these awesome ideas for food and fun. No matter how your team does, you’ll score a touchdown for sure!

Get Your Cheer Gear On

If you’re tailgating, you have to let everyone know who you’re cheering for, right? There can be ZERO doubt. So, this means you need to gear up and just wearing a jersey isn’t going to do it! Face paint and brightly colored wigs show you mean action while a megaphone lets you lead your friends (new and old!) in songs and cheers.

Don’t forget to trick out your truck for game day, too! While you shouldn’t grab a can of spray paint and paint your truck in your team colors (though, if your truck isn’t your team’s color, do you even fan, bro?) you can still get creative! You can paint your grill with car paint, fly flags from your antenna, hang helium balloons, and line your truck bed with turf and paint it to make your own football field.

Football Food and Drinks

Grilling before the big game is a tradition, and while burgers and beers are awesome, level your game up a bit with these ideas:

Get Your Own Game On

Keep the energy flowing before the game by playing some of your own! Beer pong, horseshoes, and ladder throw are popular options. Of course, cornhole is a parking lot classic – take yours up by painting your boards in team colors, or setting up goal posts to make it harder to score!

If you want to try something a bit different, try Stump, a game in which you hold a beer (or other beverage), flip a hammer, catch it, and nail a hammer into a stump. Seems easy, but 1) you have to do it in one motion, and 2) you can’t spill your beer. Now, I know you may not have a stump handy in a parking lot, so try this Portable Stump Game.

Rent a Photo Booth

With you, your guests, and hundreds of new friends all joining you to tailgate, capture some awesome memories with a photo booth! Not only can you print out fun pictures to hang on to the memories, but you can upload pictures to social media! Get your team’s attention with the right hashtag and try and go viral with the best pictures. Make sure you provide some awesome props, too, like signs, wigs, helmets, and footballs!

When you rent a photo booth for your tailgate party, reach out to Mag-nificent Photo Events where you can customize your booth to create team color backdrops, set up a green screen, and even customize frames around every picture to create a unique look for your friends. Best of all, it’s easy to upload and share photos, and using the Mag-nificent App, you can tag people, share entire photo albums, and so much more!

Contact us today to let us help you create your own memorable tailgate party!

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