8 Fall Wedding Ideas to Showcase The Season

While May and June are the busiest times for weddings, a fall wedding is often absolutely gorgeous! Not only are wedding colors themselves often more vivid, but the backdrop of richly colored leaves, the crisp blue sky, and the last of soft green lawns provide stunning scenery (not to mention no one is melting in the summer heat!). If you want gorgeous pictures to remember such an amazing day (and of course you do!) here are some of our favorite fall wedding ideas for your pictures!

Provide a Seasonal Touch to Your Arch

If you are using an arch in your outdoor ceremony, dress it up with grapevines, seasonal flowers like chrysanthemums or dinner-plate size dahlias. This will create a beautiful look for your ceremony shots whether it’s before the ceremony, framing the bride as she walks down the aisle, or during the exchange of vows.

Include the Scenery

If you’re getting married near a lake, vineyard, or even with the mountains in view, capture those shots! Ask your photographer to get some longer shots that include the gorgeous scenery, whether it’s blue skies, vibrant trees, or rolling fields. Use the “golden hour” – that hour before sunset where the lighting is soft and golden for as many scenery shots as you can, whether you’re under the trees, in front of a lake, or strolling through the leaves together.

Wear His Jacket

If you decided to go for a strapless or short-sleeved wedding gown, you may worry about being cold during the autumn evening reception. Fortunately, you can turn toward your new groom and borrow his jacket to keep toasty warm. Plus, you wearing his jacket can lead to incredible pictures, from sweet, intimate shots to fun, light-hearted moments!

Dance in the Leaves

Whether you’re having an outdoor reception or you want to sneak out with your groom for a few minutes, enjoy a stroll or a twirl through freshly-fallen leaves. A swirling dress, leaves falling, and golden sunlight streaming down will make a picture perfect scene that captures the joy and beauty of a fall wedding.

Kick Your Boots Up

Instead of wearing traditional (and uncomfortable high heels), have a bit of fun with cowboy boots! Not just for Texas brides, cowboy boots are perfect for a fall wedding (especially if you have to walk through the mud!), and the sneak peek of your boots as you dance at the reception or the fun, flirty look if your groom does the garter toss will make for some delightful pictures.

Ring Bearer and Flower Girl Frolics

Remember the fun of crunching in the leaves and playing in the leaf piles as a kid? Let your ring bearer and flower girl play and be little for a bit by letting them play in the leaves, run, and have fun. You’ll get some great candid shots, plus the added bonus of letting the little kids burn off some energy!

Make a Dramatic Exit

The exit shots – where the bride and groom are leaving the reception to start their new life together – are some of the most breathtaking pictures of your wedding. Create gorgeous pictures by walking hand in hand down a tree-lined path where the beautiful foliage hangs over the path, leaves are gently falling, and golden sunlight is dappling the path around you.

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